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Brand: Balmain
This perm offers exclusive Zotosol conditioners which replenish and strengthen the hair for a healthy looking shine, a smooth feel and greater control True-to-rod size curls For normal/resistant, tinted or highlighted hair (40% or less)..
Ex Tax:£7.25
Brand: Balmain
Use everytime you shampoo or after rinsing Olaplex no3 from your hair. Lather. RinseFollow with Olaplex no5 Conditioner...
Ex Tax:£24.40
Brand: Balmain
Protects and nourishes cuticle.Heals dry cracked cuticles.Lightly Scented Oil.Pomegranate and fig. ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: Balmain
Vinyl powdered gloves suitable for all hairdressing and beauty services...
Ex Tax:£7.00
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