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Extra Soft. Quickly removes all hair colour stains on skin. 100pc. Professional Salon use...
Disposable protective capes for use during salon treatments to protect client's clothes...
Protects your client's hair during treatments. Spacious fit to ensure suitability for every client. Great for spray tanning, facials and facial waxing services...
L'oreal Easimeche has established a reputation as the stylist's choice for hair colouring and tinting. It is ideally suited for all modern  highlighting and colouring techniques and is generally favoured because it is quicker and easier to use than foil. ..
Tint bowl use to mix colours and solutions when tinting...
A quick and easy spray to help you along with your regrowth till your next colour appointment. ..
Latex powder free gloves, great for all hairdressing and beauty services...
The supreme quality Disposable Waffle Towel eliminates laundry costs and ensures that the highest levels of hygiene are achieved. Perfect for busy professional salons, spas and mobile use, the recessed waffle patterned material can absorb more then ten times it's own weight in moisture. ..
100% cotton highly absorbent chlorine resistant standard quality hair towels...
Brand: GHD
Manufactured with 50% cotton and 50% viscose. Soft and highly absorbent. Minimum linting and contain minimum neps...
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