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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet
Brand: Gellux
100% acetone for speedy removal of false nails. Skin ad cuticles should be protected during use...
Our 100% polish free stabilised formula boasts no evaporation, thickening, hardening or yellowing technology that guarantees extended wear. Veneer Gels cure in just 30 seconds in an LED Lamp and 2 minutes in a UV Lamp. All colours can be matched to a Cuccio Professional Nail Lacquer and offer triple..
Gellux Gel Polishes have the answer to 15 days of no chip, no wait colour for fingers and toes. With a great choice of gorgeous glossy, colour perfect shades, Gellux dries instantly cured with either UV in 2 minutes or LED in just 10 seconds for guaranteed smudge free nails. ..
100/180 Grit.Use for medium to heavy filing and tailored tips...
Brand: Balmain
Protects and nourishes cuticle.Heals dry cracked cuticles.Lightly Scented Oil.Pomegranate and fig. ..
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