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A quick and easy spray to help you along with your regrowth till your next colour appointment. ..
Brand: Kerastraight
Our Cutting Comb is great for, guess what, cutting!KeraStraight Carbon Combs are superior quality anti-static combs manufactured from ultra-resistant carbon.Lightweight and almost unbreakable, our Carbon Combs are resistant to heat and chemical products like tint, bleach, perms and straightening sol..
Latex powder free gloves, great for all hairdressing and beauty services...
- Non-yellowing- No heat reaction when curing in the LED lamp.- UV brighteners and stabilisers - Super thick formula - Strong formula- Save time - cure 60 seconds in LED lamp and 2 min in UV lamp. - High shine..
Majestic Disposable Waffle Towels
2-3 Days
The supreme quality Disposable Waffle Towel eliminates laundry costs and ensures that the highest levels of hygiene are achieved. Perfect for busy professional salons, spas and mobile use, the recessed waffle patterned material can absorb more then ten times it's own weight in moisture. ..
100% cotton highly absorbent chlorine resistant standard quality hair towels...
Majirel is the legendary professional hair colour that covers 100% of grey hair whilst caring for the hair fibre. Majirel creates vibrant and pure reflect colours with a wide palette of rich tones and shades. A first in  professional hair colour, Majirel cares for the entirety of the hair fibre..
Medi Eye Wash
Top Brand
Brand: Lash FX
An eye wash irrigation solution should always be on hand during any treatment. Use a vial to flush out any foreign material that may contact your client's eye. In a pack of 5 vials...
Micro brushes x100
Top Brand
Brand: Lash FX
Micro brushes are specially designed to be used with Pre Treatment and Adhesive Remover, though they also have a variety of other uses. This product can be used daily  to groom extensions. ..
Micropore Tape
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Brand: Lash FX
Micropore tape is an essential for any technician. Apply across the Jade Stone to hold the adhesive and blot off any beads of excess adhesive. ..
Brand: Kerastraight
KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Conditioner is the helping-hand you need for dry, coarse or damaged hair. Working in combination with KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo, it offers a delightful, nourishing experience that your hair will absolutely love!..
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